Fine Art Liquidation: New Paintings from Ruth Duncan

We have added more Ruth Duncan paintings to our collection that we have on consignment at Fine Art Liquidation.  The artist that was born in Greeley, Colorado and spent her working life in San Antonio, Texas.

Mrs. Robert Duncan exhibited her artwork in the following galleries:   Smithsonian Institute, U.S. National Galleries Washington DC, Witte Museum, San Antonio, Springfield Invitational Utah, and Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri along with many other galleries.  She was an early Texas woman artist who had an impact on the River Art Group, San Antonio, Texas with their art scene. She visited Colorado and did paintings of early Aspen historic sites.   She documented many Texas historic sites with her paintings and she noted the name and location on the back of her paintings to preserve the significant history of the piece.   Ruth Duncan was recently featured as “50 Unknown Early El Paso Women Artists” displayed at the Hal MarcusGallery in El Paso, Texas.

So please check-out this Colorado native’s artwork on our web site.

Untitled (Church)

Lot #CONS-11-25
Size: 8.5×11.5
Medium: Pen & Ink on Board

Candy Wagon in Town

Lot #CONS-11-35
Size: 12×16
Medium: Oil


Lot #CONS-11-33
Size: 8×10
Medium: Oil



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