OLD AND VINTAGE PRINTS: April is Dog Appreciation Month

Check out our large collection of vintage prints available online on at oldandvintageprints.com. This unique collection of prints dates back to the early 1900′s through the 2000′s. Some prints are by artists who are long forgotten and others by modern day contempory artists. There is something for everyone’s taste: Western, Still Life, Latin American, Abstract Modern, Landscapes and more.

This week we are featuring prints that celebrate man’s best friend ….


LOT # P-520
Artist: Fred McCaleb
Size: 8×10
Price: $30


No Title (Girl Praying in Bed with Dog)

LOT # P-778
Artist: Unknown 28
Size: 16×20
Price: $15

No Title (Sleeping Boy)

LOT # P-339
Artist: Norman Rockwell
Size: 22×17
Price: $40

Muffies Pillow

LOT # P-506
Artist: Unknown
Size: 28×22
Price: $20


LOT # P-429
Artist: Eugene Iverd
Size: 16×13
Price: $15


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